Creations for the 2016 Presidential Election… And After

As a still-burgeoning public figure in non-political fields such as musical theater and chronic illness advocacy, I am frequently cautioned against making political statements that could alienate parts of my audience. And yet there are times in my life where I feel it is morally unacceptable to stay silent, and this is one of those times.

For what it’s worth, my problem, at least as far as these creations go, is not with Republicans, except to the extent that they bow to indulge the real problem, which is authoritarianism, sociopathy, pathological lies, delusional malignant narcissism, prejudicial hate, and proud ignorance. In other words, my problem is very specifically with Donald Trump, and it is my true hope that Republicans and Democrats can finally join together in opposition of these fundamentally unamerican traits and values.

On this page you will find some media that I have created on the topic of the 2016 presidential election, and the next (hopefully not) four years. I hope you will enjoy, and of course, feel free to share any content that resonates with you.


24 Million kicked off Insurance.

Sick people can be charged more than they make per year for insurance premiums, just because they are sick.

What exactly do you think will happen?

This is the American Health Care Act, the Republican alternative to Obamacare.

For years, Republicans warned of death panels. They never happened. It turns out, they were warning about themselves.

They can call it “fiscal responsibility,” but let’s be honest:

It’s thinning the herd.

Dobby just heard about Trump Supporters burning Harry Potter books, and decided to stand in solidarity:

As I have spoken about quite publicly over the years, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is not abstract to me. People I care about will suffer, and people I care about will die. Please share the above image to help demonstrate that this is a real life-or-death attack on sick and disabled Americans.

PHOTO CREDITS for “TRUMP Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins”
To the best of my research, every one of these is a verifiably real photo, which I have not modified other than to include it within this larger image. I am not profiting from this image in any way, but would still like to cite where I found each photo:
          Wrath: Found at, unclear if original photo source (contact to clarify)
Greed: Origin unknown (contact for credit), The Daily Beast, VALERIE MACON / MUO via Landov ,
          Gluttony: Trump Twitter Account,
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