Corners Of My Mind (From “Senses”)

Demo Track (with full instrumentation)

Performed by Regina Aurora de Jong (Eleanor) and Megan Ermilio (Emily)

Please note that while the end of the song contains harmonies and certain lines sung by another character (Emily, a 26-year-old with Borderline Personality Disorder), it may also be performed as a solo.


Corners of my mind
Half a step behind
Dreams to live, and things to do
But I don’t know where I’m going to
Like the dust upon the shelf
The memory of myself
Mountains climbed, and bridges crossed
And she sails away like a friend I’ve lost
And she’s leaving me behind
In the corners of my mind

With a spinning, flaming sword
The spirit of my Lord
Closed the door, but he made no key
So the ship got lost on a windless sea
And I’m learning to depend
On my daughter and my friends
I lose the words and forget their names
And they love me still, but they’re filled with pain
For they don’t know who they’ll find
In the corners of my mind

So I smile for all the world to see
So mostly I won’t cry
For if all we are are memories
Then who on earth am I?

Corners of my mind
Half a step behind

Things to know

And a life to lead

I can never plan
I can barely breathe

ELEANOR                                                         EMILY
As you kneel beside her chair                      Ooh…
Will you heed her silent prayer
Take her hand
Can you make her whole?
She is not my mind
But she shares my soul
So keep searching when I hide
‘Cause I know I’m there inside

You will find me there, confined
In the corners of my mind