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Flower Girl
Sing a little song for me
And I’ll sing it too
Wonder what you want from me
What I want from you
Every time I start to get that look in your eyes
You smile
Then you hide

I take it when I’m close to you
But then when you’re far
I don’t matter most to you
And it tears me apart
Give you all I got to give
But it’s not enough
But why?
What would be?

What if I was your angel?
Your bridge from disaster
What if I was your hero?
Your savior, your saint?
What if you were the question
And I had the answer?
Oh Flower girl, flower girl
Flower girl, flower girl
What am I supposed to do?

Sing another song for me
As you dance through my door
And I’ll listen patiently
Though I’ve heard it before
Tell me what you’re looking for
Is someone like me
And fail to see the irony

I’ve been waiting years for you
As I waded through fire
All I ever hear from you
Is I’m all you desire
Told me you were not afraid
And now that it’s true
What do I do?
What do I do?
When I’m so afraid
I’m so afraid
Of living one more moment without you…


Flowers tear the world apart
Every beauty has its pains
Flowers only break your heart
When I try to explain
That I’m the one who dreamed and planned you
I’m the one who understands you
Tell me how to see, but look right through
I’d do anything
To mean everything to you

What if I was your candle
And you were my ember?
What if I was your healer?
Your light and your light?
What if I were to tell you
I’m leaving forever?
Oh Flower Girl, Flower Girl
Flower Girl, Flower Girl
I’m so in love with you

The Candle
I know what they see on the outside
Out in the starlight, and lit by the moon
Silhouette of a man in the window
Lit by a candle, alone in his room
They see me
Outside the light of the candle is only an ember
The fading eclipse of a memory I can’t quite remember…

Maybe I’m the one to take hold
It’s too cold to stand in the rain
Baby, see the game’s old
The players have nothing to gain
Why don’t you let it go?
Why don’t you let me know
Where to go
Who to be
Baby, it’s killing me

Baby, I’ve seen daylight
Seen the stars in your eyes, felt your lips brush my face
Gone walking for miles in the twilight
A perfect illusion I just can’t erase
You were near me…

Candle, burn bright
Just ‘till the world’s out of sight
Bring me light
Go start a fire tonight
By my side
Watch as I hide all my life
Heaven died
The moment the fire took flight

Baby, see me break now
Awake now, but lost in my dreams
Every night I learn how
True beauty is not what it seems
When did the lights burn low?
Why did you turn and go?
I don’t know
Never will
Why you’re not with me still…

Candle, burn bright
Candle burn
Candle burn for me tonight
Candle burn bright
Go light the world tonight
Fly and I’ll follow you
Flicker, and feel
Candle burn bright
When will you ever learn?
Light in the darkness is never for real…

Lost in my doubt
At least ‘till the candle burns out….

We Will Always Remember
*In memory of Dina Goldstone
4/27/1986 – 7/5/2005

Haven’t I seen you before
Every day of my life
Every time and again
Was it just a trick of the light
But I thought I was sure
You were smiling then
I was sure…
But you’re not anymore

No one can say
What took you away from our lives
All we can know
Is wherever you go
You are here, by our side

And we will always remember
The dream that could never come true
Every gift you would give
For as long as we live
We will keep in our hearts
With our memory of you
We will never know why
Such a start in the sky had to set…
But we’ll never forget

Don’t I remember the time
When I first heard your voice
And I knew, there and then
Of all of the hope you could bring
With each song you would sing
How the music would live!
What I’d give to hear it again

And we will always remember
The wings that could never take flight
Though it’s hard to get through
In the dark, without you
While you live in our hearts
We will always see light
There’s a place in our minds
Where the music is righteous and rare
And you’ll always been there

And we will always remember
The dream that could never come true
Every gift you would give
For as long as we live
We will keep in our hearts
With our memory of you
There’s a place in our minds
Where the music is righteous and rare
There’s a light in the darkness
To lead us, and help us to bare
There’s an angel inside us
Who always will guide us through

We will always remember
The music we found in you….


Are you a performer or a production company seeking that perfect song written just for you? Or a composer or lyricist looking for a collaborator to fit your music with just the right lyrics, or your words to the tune and accompaniment/instrumentation they were meant for? Michael is available for all your songwriting needs (specializing in pop-rock, classical, film scoring, and musical theater). For more information, please send us the details of your project via the contact page.

“Akiba to Barrack to Broadway”
Commissioned by Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy
Performed at The Kimmel Center (Philadelphia)
Music and Lyrics by Michael Bihovsky

“The Asthmatic Lad”
Commissioned by Natasha Reatig
for “Never Trust A Pretty Face”
(Given instructions: German Lieder meets Gilbert & Sullivan)

Custom Arrangements & Transcriptions

Have you ever had your heart set on performing a song, but you couldn’t find the sheet music? Michael can create custom sheet music just for you, giving you the best possible arrangement for any song – whether for piano-vocal, full orchestra, rock band, or anywhere in between!

How does it work?

Michael listens to the recording of a song and writes down everything he hears – one note at a time. For a reduction (such as full orchestra to piano-vocal or small band), Michael then considers which instruments were requested, and uses those instruments to their optimal extent in order to match the sound and energy of a full orchestra.  For an orchestration (such as piano to rock band or full orchestra), Michael analyzes the style and harmonic structure of the original piece, and then expands upon these ideas to create a rich, full orchestration using all available instruments.

How much does it cost?

Prices range depending on the nature of the project and quality of the original recording. Unlike digital sheet music websites where sheet music is sold in bulk, custom transcriptions or arrangements are a large undertaking for a single client.

To inquire about a custom transcription/arrangement, please use the contact page, and be sure to include:

– The song title

– A link (if available) to the song itself

– Whether or not you have some sheet music
already available

– The performance venue for the piece

– Requested instrumentation (piano-vocal,string quartet, rock band, etc.)

– Requested date of completion (please note
that rush jobs may result in a higher price quote)