I Remember Music (from “Senses”)

Demo Track (vocals and full instrumentation)

Performed by Michael Bihovsky (David)

Live Performance (in concert)



A tone…
A bell tone…
I remember…

I remember lyrics rhyming and churches chiming
And laughter formed from tears
I remember people swaying as I was playing
The song went on for years
I remember finding out my gift in life
And knowing it was mine
And I remember music

I remember bowing choices and women’s voices
And dancing through the night
I remember Guns and Roses
The sound explosive
And the electric slide
I remember never once imagining
That all of it could die
And I remember….

Papa sighing and Mama crying
When I went off to war
I remember towers falling and honor calling
And then the final roar….

(DAVID remembers – and relives – the
trauma of the explosion.)

In service to my country
In service to my friends
In service to an Armageddon
That I was sworn to end
And if I knew I’d lose my life
I’d do it all again

But life without music is empty
Life without music is pain
Life without music’s a bridge made of anger
A silent and hopeless refrain
I can hear her cry
As the gunshots fly

(An EXPLOSION goes off in David’s memory;
his hands fly to protect his ears – but
too late.)

And I remember….