| "Without End" |

A play in two acts by Michael Bihovsky

“Without End” was produced as a fully staged reading as the final event of the 2014 JCC Book and Arts Fair in Buffalo, NY, and co-sponsored by Congregation Shir Shalom. The production featured:





Darleen Pickering Hummert (Esther)
Mike Frisch (Marty)
Noah Kotzin (Young Michael)
Michael Bihovsky (Michael)    

Filmed by Daniel Kester




“Without End” documents a uniquely spiritual and loving journey shared by a grandson and his grandparents, as they build and nurture their relationship over the course of 21 years. Together they seek to navigate their often-conflicting yet ultimately enhancing views of subjects ranging from political activism to artistic endeavors to the unification of science and spirituality. This autobiographical story follows these intergenerational relationships as they grow and change, in moments filled with adoration and rebellion; humanity and divinity; life and loss. And above all, transcendent – unending – love.



Michael wrote “Without End” after the death of his grandparents, Marty and Esther Bates, to help document their prolific lives and to preserve their cherished memories. Among the play’s many themes are the difficulties (physical and emotional) of battling chronic illness, along with universal themes such as growing up, career choices, political activism, and grief – all explored from a variety of artistic, scientific, and spiritual perspectives. “Without End” attempts to bridge the gap between these perspectives through the lens of interdenominational Jewish philosophies, as well as a universal exploration of religion and God.

“Without End” premiered as a fully staged reading at the Seller Theatre, home of the Jewish Repertory Theatre of Western New York, in December 2014 (read about it in The Jewish Journal of Western New York). A highlight reel from the production is available on YouTube.

“Michael Bihovsky is a talented writer/actor/director who has a rare
skill for telling a story and an ability to touch audiences deeply.
In ‘Without End,’ Bihovsky’s attention to language, universal themes
of relationships, families and personal growth culminate in a
production that will provoke audiences to look into their own
lives and appreciate the complexity of being human and evolving
through shared experiences.”

-Jordana Halpern, Managing Director of the Jewish
Repertory Theatre of Western NY and Executive Board
Member of the Association for Jewish Theatre


“‘Without End’ is truly a remarkable play, about the relationship
between generations, about science vs. religion, and about life
in general. This is a very important work by a young playwright
who I think has a very powerful voice, and one that we should
listen to.”

Rabbi Alex Lazarus Klein, Congregation Shir Shalom

“Without End” runs at about 90 minutes with a cast of five; the set can be as ornate or minimal as desired.

If your theater would like to consider “Without End” for production, please contact us to request a perusal script and to inquire about licensing fees.